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Check Your Ink Levels for Optimal Productivity

It can be quite frustrating to have a printer run out of ink when in the middle of a printing job. Hewlett Packard Company has made it easier for one to check up on their ink levels and their refilling process has never been simpler.  Checking up on an HP printer cartridges requires a computer system running the Microsoft Windows. The inkjet printer with the cartridges should be installed prior to checking the ink levels. It is also advisable to have a driver support for the printer.

When checking HP printer cartridges, follow these simple steps: 
1. Switch on the computer and the printer and then log on.
2. Open the control panel by clicking on the Windows start button and navigate to the Control panel option. 
3. Next, locate and open the Printers Window by double-clicking on the Printers icon. For those using Vista, click on the blue printer link which is below the 'Hardware and Sound' segment.
4. Navigate to the Printing preferences and select 'Properties'. Then click on 'Printing preferences' which is at the bottom of the dialog box.
5. Click on the Services tab and select Estimated Ink Levels. The Services tab is found in the Printing Preferences dialog box.
6. Task finished. Note the projected ink levels to decide whether they need an immediate refill and close up the dialog boxes.

It is important to note that the Estimated Ink levels are exactly that: an estimation. The definite ink level can differ from what is actually displayed on the screen. If you are using Windows Vista and don't see the services tab for the printer, then it is most likely that the printer is not supported by HP's advanced driver.

Now that you have checked the ink levels of your printer, it is time to refill the printers if they have run out of ink. All HP's cartridges are filled in a similar manner. They contain a sticker which can be easily removed to display holes into the center on the cartridge. There are sponges inside which the refilling needle can penetrate through. Regardless of the color, HP printer cartridges can all be refilled the same manner. However, note that with color there are three different chambers. In order to fill the cartridges, simply inject the needle and insert the ink gradually.

A few of HP's other cartridges require a slightly different method of refilling.  Push in and the cartridge top falls. After the top is out, you can then insert a long needle down to the base and inject the ink. These older versions of the cartridges also contain a sponge and so there is no risk of inserting the needle all the way down to the bottom. After filling the cartridges, it is advisable to rinse them under a running hot water tap that will shower the print head. Clean them thoroughly prior to inserting them back into the printer.

By checking the ink levels of HP printer cartridges and refilling them on time prevents situations where one runs out of ink.  This eliminates the potential inconveniences and decrease in productivity that may occur!

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